Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Rice.

Au secours! Au secours!
Skipped pebble under rubble.
We're in trouble.
Our Prince— overthrown.

Responding to a natural disaster on this size scale overwhelms me to the point of paralysis. How can one help? Who do I give to? Which organization is going to be the most vigilant? Who is legit? Is $5 enough? How can I give my all and pay my rent? Is Wyclef for real? Nothing seems to meet this unfathomable challenge.

My significant's Mother is leaving for Haiti this morning. She'll be working as an EMT for 2 weeks. This is actually her day job relocated. Yes, flying around in a helicopter saving lives. She also has four kids, two fur-balls, and an immaculate home. Her courage and grace is humbling to say the least.

I decided to get over the ego and do SOMETHING besides moan about corruption. Weighing my options I debated what humans need most to survive. Then I considered what is accessible. The conclusion: I'm giving free rice and blood, separately.

Everyone and their Mama knows about the Red Cross. I doubt elaboration is necessary. Want to donate blood? Make an appointment "here." Any A negatives in the house?

About the rice. Free Rice is a nonprofit website hosted by the UN World Food Program. They are partners with Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. The website has two goals. To provide free education for all and food to hungry people around the world. In order to donate free rice you must answer questions regarding: vocabulary, grammar, an assortment of languages, art, chemistry, math, and geography. One properly answered question yields five grains of rice. I can dig it. A bit of warning, this site's addicting. Setting personal goals for the week and attempting to top the following is a bit consuming. You'll also feel smart, for those looking to feed the ego :)For more information check the website here or click the banner over there -->

For those of you passing through this itty bitty corner of the web I would love to know what others have done to help. Information regarding superb alternative non-profits is also appreciated.


  1. I texted that 90999 number or whatever it was. I was concerned about making rent buy I figured I could miss a couple of beers that thy money probably normally would have gone to. Kudos to your sig's mom. I can appreciate a strong and hardworking incredible mom because I have one of my own.

    I hope all is well with you Em. VYPER STRYKE!!!

  2. Sage! Miss you buddy :) I hope post-TU life is going well for you too.