Monday, January 4, 2010

Poetry for breakfast.

This is the beginning of a journey
Emerging from a speck of space dust.
Impatient floating eggs
Baked in salt pepper and olive oil.
Yolks drizzling off forks
Slice of grapefruit.

This recipe has two intentions.
1. It's an excuse to turn the oven on after enduring blustery January mornings.
2. Bacon. Salt. It has become my favorite seasoning.

Strange Fact: Bacon Salt "is a zero calorie, zero fat, VEGETARIAN(?), and kosher seasoning. That makes everything taste like bacon!"

During a bout of car sickness I want nothing but eggs and tea once back in Philadelphia. I decided to make something similar to what I read in Wednesday Chef's Camino's Eggs Baked in Cream.The leeks were lovely but I was unsatisfied with the consistency of my first attempt "baking eggs." I have an admitted salmonella phobia and this creates some issues when cooking eggs. When incorporated with sugar and fat, no problem, I have honed my baking skills over time and learned to trust chemistry. Frying? Poaching? Baking a ramekin cradling two little eggs in cream? Not my strong suit. That was going to change because I came to terms with something. I love eggs.

This morning I was determined to successfully bake an egg. Using the handy ramekins received for the holidays from mi madre and the always satisfying flavor of bacon I made this:

1. Grease the bottom of a ramekin or whatever oven safe bakeware available. Saute thinly sliced vegetables in some oil (sparingly) and water. I used orange peppers and quartered cherry tomatoes. Add bacon salt (or cumin and pepper if it is not available) to taste. Add to ramekin when partially cooked.
2. Crack two eggs on top of vegetables and cover whites with cream. Sprinkle parsley on top and with some pepper.
3. Bake on a sheet in a 325 -350 degree oven for 10-14 minutes. *Everyone's oven is different so pre-heat your oven well before hand and peek on them every 2 minutes after the beginning 10. Remain patient... I know it's difficult eggs are exciting.
4. Remove from oven when whites are solid and yolk is to your liking. I don't recommend a firm yolk. Why? Just 'cause. Pair with black vanilla tea.
5. Eat a mind blowing 1/2 a grapefruit for dessert.


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  1. Eggs,eggs,eggs.Always the go to food. My Mom used to make poached eggs with a pan designed to do so.Not until recently when I ordered one did I remember how wonderful they were. I used to own Rosies cookbook..great oven fries.