Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well that was fast. Where did January go? You can say I've been a bit preoccupied around here. Learning the ways of working the graveyard shift, camping out on the living room futon for three days with my sister, and slowly redecorating our apartment has kept me busy. After finishing college I imagined being up to my ears in free time. The reality, not so much. The little bits of living as an "adult" in the "working-world" adds up. After scrubbing the shower, cleaning the cat box, and washing the never-ending mountain of dirty dishes and/or laundry I don't feel like cooking an extensive meal requiring MORE dirtying of dishes. So, I cook in bulk (or order a pizza, shhhhh.) I'm content with eating roasted root vegetable quinoa consecutively for three days. Vanilla butternut squash cider soup for lunch everyday this week? No problem. Bananas and chocolate soy milk every morning for the rest of my life? Sure, why not. In short: lately my food has been a total snooze fest.

Then there was Supper. Philadelphia, and a handful of other cities host an event called Restaurant Week. Two weeks every season the Philadelphia Center City District invites restaurants to participate in a $35 three-four course dinner or a $20 three course lunch. I have experienced some fantastic dinners and other times, eh. I normally give the fair experiences a second chance if the occupancy is unusually high or the menu choices for the evening are not well planned. For the most part, I have rarely left a meal unsatisfied.

Numerous events have been cause for celebration this month. Promotions,graduations, and discussions of friends getting hitched was reason enough for a celebratory dinner during RW. My dear friend Ally suggested we reserve a table with Supper, an "upscale modern American cuisine served in a beautiful, relaxed setting." Honestly, one of the best experiences to date...aside from lunch at Tequilas last Fall :) The wonderful company and fantastic cocktail of makers mark, ginger cognac, and citrus definitely helped. The service was nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but we were attended to without feeling like someone was up our butts nor neglecting the table. The decor was just right. Warm lighting, exposed rafters, and interesting well-placed artwork. Nothing tacky, which was my only qualm with Tequilas. Why do Mexican and Southwestern restaurants feel the need to communicate their authenticity through silly caricatures of what is considered Latino? Awesome food and beverages speak for themselves! Oh well.

So yeah, Supper is great. Go there, even if it requires visiting the disgusting tourist trap known as South Street. This gem tucked between head-shops and disappointing pizzerias is worth it.

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  1. Aww come on Emily. You deserve a break.Be nice to yourself.Besides, sampling someone else's food gives one a frame of reference and a chance to discover something wonderful..Just like you!!!